Abazagorath Interview

1. Ave !Lets take a fast start with the brief history of this sickness called Abazagorath!

This cancer called ABAZAGORATH was first diagnosed in the spring of 1995. I don’t want to bore everyone reading with nine years of inane bullshit, so here are the highlights…. Our first release was the “Channelling the Ethereal Moons” 3 song MCD which we released ourselves in January 1996. We recorded 2 demos that year as well, leading up to our signing with Elegy Records. The resulting effort, the 13 track “Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus” CD came out in March 1997. We played a number of sick gigs over the ensuing years, but kept quiet as far as recordings due to some turmoil in the line up. We did record a cover of “Funeral Fog” in 2000 for a USBM tribute to MAYHEM that was never released. In 2001 we recorded 7 tunes that would later appear on “The Spirit of Hate for Mankind” 7″ record (Blood Fire Death Records – July 2002) and the “Enshrined Blasphemer” MCD (Agonia Records – October 2003). In 2002 we recorded 3 songs for use on a double LP comp that has still not come out. We ended up passing that around as a promo for a while. We finally got around to recording the second full length, “Sacraments of the Final Atrocity” in February this year, and it saw the light in late March through our own Morbid Wrath imprint. Out of the original ABAZAGORATH incarnation, Warhead (drums) and Morgul (guitar) have been with me all along. Newer initiate Nihilist (vocals) has been with us for about 2 years now, and the new kid, lead guitarist Ciemnosc came aboard over the past summer.


2. How are the audience reacting to the latest opus ‘Sacraments of the Final Atrocity’?

So far, so good. I have seen mostly very favorable reviews to the new CD up to now. The first pressing is now out of stock from us. Quite a few distros worldwide have it available for sale. At the moment we are in the process of doing some minor re-mixing and re-mastering to enhance the sound quality before the second edition goes into press through Necroharmonic Productions.


3. In one of the interviews that you spell;you said ‘Bands like MARDUK and IMMORTAL do major tours and ANCIENT has signed a long term deal with METAL BLADE RECORDS! The mystique and “cult-like” atmosphere is ruined!’Actually i should appreciate you for these fine words.So,what can you say about todays domesticated black metal bands?

You really did some obscure zine research to dig out that quote…. I think that was from like 1998 or something. But, I still stand by my answer…. Yes, a lot of the influential bands from the 90s BM scene basically went ahead, “progressed” and eventually killed off the spirit that haunted us…. Fortunately, there are some who stick to their guns and others to pick up the banner when it has been dropped. For one, I hail MARDUK as one of those bands who stayed true to their ideals. I think their problem has been a few generic releases over the past couple of years. I have to say I look forward to hearing what the newest line up presents with “Plague Angel.” Look at FUNERAL MIST, the origination point for their new vocalist Arioch / Mortuus…. A great example of a Black Metal band creating compelling material that comes from the right direction…


4. What do you think about this senfonic black metal shit?Which consists of tremendous productions ,first class(!)recording quality,expensive hotels,fuckin huge fests!Where is your spirit pigs!?Where is your feelings you suckers!

Symphonic music is fine if it’s for a movie soundtrack or to take your girlfriend out for a night at the opera, but please don’t mix it with my Metal!!!! Honestly, we just gave a critical listen to the dimmu borgir “deathcult armageddon” disc at the studio, comparing it to the sound “Sacraments…” should have once the re-mastering is done, and I can tell you that Nuclear Blast is paying the studios way too much to produce that cheesy, thin garbage with no bottom end… To me, the issue isn’t necessarily with the expensive production values, luxury hotels (Hell, it was nice to have the chance to sleep in a soft bed and take a shower in a clean bathroom one or two of the nights on our Euro tour…) or major festival shows, it’s with how these bands reach that level of “success” and how they conduct themselves at that point: like sell outs and posers…. Considering how much I have invested in ABAZAGORATH as far as time, money and energy, I am doing this for greater reasons than fame or fortune. It’s all about unleashing the demons inside and giving praise to Darkness…


5. What can you say about USA black metal underground?Do you have some recommends for us?

I think the US scene has been getting pretty killer over the years…. Some recommendations? Sure… How about a few old classics like VON, ABSU, DEMONCY, NECROVORE or PROFANATICA…. Then we have BLACK WITCHERY, GRAND BELIAL’S KEY, KRIEG, KROHM, XASTHUR, LEVIATHAN, NACHTMYSTIUM, BAHIMIRON, CULT OF DAATH, BLOOD STORM, HORN OF VALERE, IBEX THRONE, MANTICORE, THORNSPAWN and JUDAS ISCARIOT amongst others…. Personally, I think more attention and respect should be paid to what is going on here in the US…


6. Are you planning a new live ritual soon?On the other hand ,excepting your being musician-just as a fan-,do you like going to gigs?

Right at the moment, we have no upcoming concerts planned. This past year we were pretty busy on the live front, starting off with our 9 date European tour with DEMONCY and KRIEG back in April and then with 4 shows in New York City and up in New England in September – October. Of course going to many Metal shows through the years was one of my big motivations to go out and get into a band myself. I was lucky enough to experience a lot of the 80s Thrash explosion first hand, seeing bands like SLAYER, VOIVOD, CELTIC FROST, EXODUS, KING DIAMOND, DESTRUCTION, and KREATOR live when they were at the height of their creative power, and that had a huge impact on me…. Up until a few years ago I would get to as many Black or Death Metal concerts as possible. These days I don’t go to as many shows as I once did…. A lot of the shows going on lately are usually just with bands I’ve seen before or don’t give a shit about… Unfortunately, most of the bands I would be most interested to see live, like say WATAIN, SATANIC WARMASTER or DEATHSPELL OMEGA aren’t exactly playing over here all the time…. But still, one of the bonuses of playing gigs ourselves is getting to perform with and check out killer bands like BLACK WITCHERY, PROFANATICA, GRAND BELIAL’S KEY, SADISTIC INTENT, NUN SLAUGHTER, DESTROYER 666 or MARDUK….


7. What do you feel when you listen your own songs?I mean,lets say, you heard it from the radio while you are in a car!

I actually really have a hard time listening to any of my own recordings and enjoying them to the fullest extent…. I have a pretty critical ear and too often dwell on the things I wish we had done better while recording!!!!! But, it still is a nice rush sometimes to crank up the car stereo loud and blast some of our CDs while I’m blazing down the highway!!!


8. What can you say about Abazagorath’s lyrical character?I think they have a lot to do with unholy blasphemy,profanation!

Lyrically, we are pretty much “by the book” Black Metal…. Nothing but Satanism, War, Desecration, Depression, Hate, Darkness, and Blasphemy here, kiddies!!!! I do think we are going to be taking things to a deeper, more introspective level with our upcoming material. Bringing the darkness within to light….


9. Meanwhile,What does the name Abazagorath stands for?It s an interesting name!

ABAZAGORATH is to be defined as the “Spirit of Hate for Mankind.”


10. Nazionel Socialistic attitudes is being pseudoely employed among some new coming black metal bands ,and it s often being used to create a stronger/tough image that they couldnt create with the music only.I ,of course ,dont want you to cry out your political views here yet want to learn your opinion about this?

We don’t have anything to do with the NS movement, but we do have a number of close colleagues who follow that path, and that’s fine. There are a certain number of artists with this affiliation that I do enjoy listening to from time to time, and we have shared the stage with a few bands espousing these views on a few occasions. That being said, life loving hippies and peaceniks have no place being involved with Black Metal, so if you can’t take the hate…. get the fuck out of the scene….


11. Every  dedicated underground dog have already known about your anti christian propaganda,but what do you think about the other ecclesastical beings around,other religions coming from these fuckin deserts?

Fuck the Middle East!!!! Nuke ‘em all!!!!


12. Have you ever had problems with the cops?

Speaking for myself, I have never had any hassles from the cops…. Some of the other guys have been in jail once or twice for some “legal infractions.” It’s best to do certain things “under the radar” of the authorities, if you know what I mean…


13. On the other hand what do you think about the shit called ‘censorship’?In the previous issue of the Frost Mag,King from Gorgoroth was saying that it depends on what you want to ‘censor’…

Well, I think I understand where King is coming from on this. I mean, if we were in charge and could censor the church or ban gay bands like limp bizkit or cradle of shit, we probably would, right??? Fortunately, as much as it seems that freedom of _expression is becoming an endangered species here in the US, ABAZAGORATH has never had any problems with censorship. The closest thing to it has been some problems with printers refusing to print our CD booklets because they were advised by their priests not to do business with the Devil!!!


14. Do you still listen cassettes?I still have tons of tapes and i m not going to burn them like the newschool pigs !Actually i always think that Black metal conceptionally suits tapes than th Cds ,in terms of raw / mystic sound ,but it s just an opinion of mine…

Yeah, cassettes are great. When I first got into Metal in the mid 80s, just about all the music I bought was on tape. I still have almost all the Thrash and Death Metal classics from that era on cassette!!! Hundreds of ‘em!!!! I still do enjoy picking up some good old demo tapes or cassette editions of CDs I already have from time to time. I’m particularly pleased that my comrade Vasili of Ancient Spirit Terror Productions released a limited edition (200 copies) ABAZAGORATH tape entitled “The Ancient Cult” earlier this year. Seven demo / rehearsal tracks from 1996, 1998 and 2002 appear on it. We have had a few offers from some parties regarding cassette editions of “Sacraments…” and even “Tenebrarum…” We have not moved forward on that yet because I don’t think the right label to do that with has come along yet.


15. What is idea on this metal ‘forums’?It has been very fashionable nowadays.People who is not brave enough to talk/discuss face to face sit in front of the computer and becomes metal music philosopher,spitting each other s backs…

These forums and message boards are something that I have very little to do with. Nihilist goes on a few and occasionally posts some relevant information concerning our activities, but I certainly despise all the faceless geeks with their grandstanding and shit talking. One of the things I can’t stand about the so called scene of today…


16. What kind of books you read?Do you also like reading zines/mags that dedicated to this scene ?

I definitely enjoy reading. I haven’t read as many books lately as I once did. The last one I started was “The Return of the King” which I started back about a year and a half ago, got up to page 261 and haven’t picked it up in 9 or 10 months!!! Lucky for me the movie came out so I could see how it ends… I particularly like to read horror novels, history books – mostly relating to military topics or international politics, true crime accounts, books on witchcraft and the occult, and the occasional spy, action or mystery novel. Metal zines are the one thing that I am almost constantly reading. A couple of my current acquisitions that I am really enjoying include the brand new issue of “Wheresmyskin (9MM),” “The Realm of Nachzehrer #7 ,” “Intrinsic Depravity #1,” and “Bylec-Tum #11.” Plus there are the all time classics like “Slayer,” “Descent,” “Desecration of Virgin,” or “Tales of the Macabre.” Some other great ones are”Stratanael MegaSin,” “Horrible Eyes,” “Leather-N-Spikes,” “Bloodaxe,” “Agonia,” “Oaken Throne” or “Canadian Assault.” Of all the underground Metal related things in my life, zines are one of the most prized…. I got turned on to a lot of killer stuff that way… With the onset of the computer age working its way in to the scene, we have seen a rise in webzines and a decline in print mags, but there will always be a place for a cut and paste rag in my life!!!! Hail to all editors who still do it the old way!!!!!


17. And,while composing the lyrics which one of those two gives the biggest inspiration to you;Books or Daily life?

Whenever I write lyrics, I primarily take inspiration from ideas or thoughts that come from within my own warped mind and depressive personality, or what I see going on in the world around me. But we have been inspired by books and also films at times. I actually got the idea for the title of the new album from a line I heard in a Spanish horror film called “The Nameless.”


18. Do you any words for your enemies?

Fuck off and die, bitches!!!!


19. Thanks for your time,you can close this interview with the last words for the ugly readers of Frost Mag!Hail!

Anyone in search of additional information or available merchandise can look at our website – While you are on there, check out the Morbid Wrath distro page because we are starting to build up a pretty nice stock of Metal goods for sale. You can contact me at As far as what the future will bring from ABAZAGORATH, look out for the re-issue of “Sacraments…” through Necroharmonic Productions. There also should be the LP version of “Enshrined Blasphemer” to look forward to from Agonia. As far as new material goes, Bestial Onslaught Productions is planning for us to do a split picture disc LP with BLOOD STORM and I have been in touch with some of the guys from Thai War Metal squadron ZYGOATSIS (which features some ex-members of the notable SURRENDER OF DIVINITY) about trying to put together another split CD /LP with them…. Finally, thanks a lot for the interest in ABAZAGORATH and giving me the chance to get the readers of “Frost” up to speed on what we are all about…. Hail !!!!!

Nyarlathotep, on behalf of ABAZAGORATH. November 28, 2004





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